Youth Team

United Way of Northern New Mexico Youth Team

At United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM) we encourage students to be more successful in the classroom, and ultimately in life. This is achieved by facilitating engagement in their community. Volunteering is an important part of preparing students to take responsibility as open minded, active citizens in a global community. High school students benefit greatly—both academically and emotionally—from volunteering their time to make the community and world a better place. We believe community service is important for students. Not just for the positive impact they can make on the world — but also for the positive impact volunteering has on them.

The UWNNM Youth Team, led by youth, for youth, creates and increases volunteer opportunities to address community needs and develop a lifetime commitment to service. In 2016, the students introduced a new concept called Link Crew.

Link Crew is the process senior students use to pass their knowledge and experience on to the underclass. For example, in each fundraising initiative a senior student leads the effort, closely shadowed by an underclass student who learn and then will lead the effort the following year. Using this link process the students are able to offer fundraising events that are consistently well managed.