Triangle Club

The Triangle Club was established over 30 years ago, as a non-profit organization, to support Los Alamos County’s twelve 12-step groups.

The organization provides a safe and consistent meeting location at 3547 Pueblo Drive, communicates the times of those meetings, provides incidental supplies for the meetings/attendees (e.g., coffee, tables, chairs, etc.) and supports the groups by co-sponsoring activities (e.g., holiday luncheons, picnics) to encourage 12-step meeting attendance.

The facility is available to support the needs of any 12-step program in Los Alamos County which would like to hold their meetings at this location.  This facility has been used over the years to support, Alcoholics Anonymous, Al Anon, Narcotics Anonymous, and Overeaters Anonymous groups, as well as providing a meeting location for Northern New Mexico District/Area business meetings for those 12-step programs. 

Most attendees of these 12-step groups live and work in Los Alamos and the surrounding areas of Northern New Mexico. 

We hear on a regular basis, the success stories of people who attend meetings at this location. They share how they have dealt with their substance abuse, how their family, finances, work, and their general ability to deal with life’s challenges has improved. They also share their appreciation for having a meeting location that has meetings every day of the week and is available to use for 1 on 1 meetings with their 12-step Sponsors, or just having a place to go read and have some quiet time.

This year we were focused on making the facility more appealing and comfortable by having work parties to clean, paint, and carpet the floors. We also replaced our old hard folding chairs with new comfortable chairs to sit in during the meetings, thanks to the generosity of the United Way and it donors. 

We encourage any 12-step group that is looking for a facility to have meetings, to contact us and we can schedule times for them to have their meetings.  

Contact Information: 

Kenny Harrison   505-501-2774

Ben Martinez        505-412-3020