How The Community Action Fund Reaches Beyond Our Community

United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM) Community Action Fund (CAF) is supporting a nonprofit in Albuquerque and another in Santa Fe, the Ronald McDonald House and Court Appointed Resource Advocates. 

Even though these organizations operate outside of our immediate area, people in our community benefit from the services. Ronald McDonald house, located in Albuquerque, serves residents in every county of New Mexico except their own. For years they have been providing lodging for Los Alamos & Rio Arriba families who have a child in need of medical services often found only in Albuquerque Hospitals. Families can spend days, weeks, or even months in Albuquerque while their child is receiving treatment. Could you imagine the lodging bill for months along with the stress of caring for an ill child could do to a family?

In 2013, UWNNM CAF began funding Ronald McDonald house to help cover the cost for Los Alamos & Rio Arriba residents that utilize their services.   The house tries to be a home away from home for families, offering amenities such as their own refrigerator space, proportioned laundry soap for onsite washers, to living room and play areas for families. In 2015, Los Alamos & Rio Arriba families spent 713 nights at Ronald McDonald House.

In Santa Fe, there is an organization of highly trained passionate volunteers who work with courts, families, and children.  When families are in disarray and the courts have to get involved, these volunteers are advocating for the best interest of the child, and sometimes children.   Court Appointed Resource Advocates, or CASA, can work with the same child for years, and sadly, in some cases multiple times.

Every year there are Los Alamos & Rio Arriba children who benefit from this specialty service and UWNNM believes that this service is so important to these children and their families that Community Action Fund Investors have funded them since 2013.

Most of the non-profits that we fund through the CAF are locatedour county. UWNNM recognizes that our residents rely on  services provided by nonprofits that operate outside of our county.  Your United Way will continue to make sure that the resources are available to meet the needs of those who need it most.

If you would like more information or would like to invest in United Way please visit or call 505.662.0800.