100 Women Who Care Forms an Advisory Board

The 100 Women Who Care held their first ever Advisory Board meeting Monday evening at the Los Alamos Daily Post world headquarters.
Advisory Board members from left, Angela Bratton, Cate Nickless, Cathy Hadley, Terry Izraelevitz, April Wheeler, Susan Cazaux, Diana Martinez, Kristin Carmichael, Mandy Marksteiner and 100+ Women Who Care co-founder Carol A. Clark (taking the photo).
100 Women Who Care meets every quarter to raise money for local non-profits. “It’s a beautiful and elegant model,” said Kristin Carmichael, “We get together for food and drinks and raise money for a good cause. As a new person in town, being in this group has been a great way to learn about non-profits and meet people.”
During these meetings several non-profits will fill out a simple form to apply for the funding. (Click here to get the form) Three organizations will be drawn from a hat and someone representing that organization will give a brief presentation on what they do for the community. The women who came and donated money will vote on who will get the money. $100=1 vote. Most of the women who women who come simply write a check for $100. Some come in groups of four and pool their money and vote together.
Co-Founder Carol Clark explained how the Los Alamos branch got started. Kristy Ortega was on a plane when she overheard two women talking about a 100 Women chapter from a different community. There are over 600 organizations all over the country. Click here to find out more about the 100 Who Care Alliance.
Ortega asked around to see who would be interested in starting a 100 Women Who Care chapter in Los Alamos. Deb Shelton, Stephanie Garcia Richard, Carol Clark and Marvel Harrison were the founding members. Clark said, “We’ve always tried to keep it as simple as possible. Getting together for good food and drinks. This is the only time I see some of the ladies there, so it’s a good way to catch up.”
Local businesses can get involved by sponsoring the events.
Photo by Carol A. Clark/adailypost.com